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Power Up Your Research Site with AI

Clinical research constantly evolves, and research sites are on the front lines. Managing complex protocols, communicating effectively with CROs and sponsors, and ensuring data quality can be a significant challenge. But what if you could leverage cutting-edge AI technology to streamline your operations, improve efficiency, reduce waste, enhance the quality of data capturing, and elevate your research capabilities?

Ryght offers a suite of AI-powered copilots designed with this in mind. We empower research sites and improve collaboration with CROs and sponsors. Here's how Ryght can help: 

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Effortless Protocol Understanding

Ditch the time-consuming hunt for specific information in lengthy protocols. With hundreds of studies, staying up to date with specific details in each study can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Ryght's Protocol Chat uses AI to summarize key details, making them instantly accessible through a chat interface. Simply ask questions in plain language and get immediate answers, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of each study.

Ryght Co-Pilots AI Protocol Understanding
Ryght AI Streamlined Communication

Accelerate Key Documentation

Accelerate key documentation with CROs and sponsors with Ryght's Informed Consent Builder. This innovative tool helps you create and/or review compliant ICFs adhering to regulations in multiple countries, saving you valuable time and effort. Focus on patient interaction, not paperwork. 

Faster Feasibility Response

The Feasibility Accelerator streamlines communication with potential sponsors and CROs, accelerating the process and improving its accuracy, leading to your site getting involved in the studies your site and patients need faster.

Co-Pilot Technology

Ryght's Efficient AI Co-Pilots

Ryght's AI copilots aren't just about efficiency

They empower research sites and principal investigators to play a more active role in clinical research without the extensive administrative burdens. Ryght allows you to dedicate more time to patient care and scientific inquiry, leveraging cutting-edge technology.

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Contact Ryght today and learn how our copilots can help you operate more efficiently, communicate more effectively, and contribute more meaningfully to advancing medicine. And the best news? It’s always FREE to research sites.

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