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Protocol Chat

Upload and intelligently summarize your protocol. The Protocol Chat Copilot is specifically optimized to provide relevant responses.

Effortlessly Understand Your Protocols with Ryght's Protocol Chat

Clinical trials involve complex protocols, and CROs, Sponsors, and Sites all need a clear understanding of these documents.

Traditionally, digging through lengthy protocols to find specific information can be a time-consuming task.

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Ryght's Protocol Chat eliminates this hassle. This innovative tool uses AI to become your personal protocol guru. Simply upload your protocol, and Ryght's intelligent system goes to work, summarizing key details and making them easily accessible through a chat interface.

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Ask questions in plain language, and Ryght delivers relevant answers instantly. Need to know the inclusion/exclusion criteria? Curious about the investigational drug's mechanism of action?

Protocol Chat provides the information you need, fast.

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Stop wasting time scouring protocols. Boost your efficiency and understanding with Ryght's Protocol Chat. Get started today!

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