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In the fast-paced world of Life Sciences, where innovation and data reign supreme, maintaining efficiency and staying informed are imperative.

Ryght introduces a tailored GenAI platform designed to revolutionize your daily operations, spanning research, reporting, and application development. Experience accelerated workflows and enhanced outputs, ensuring you remain at the forefront of industry advancements with Ryght's specialized GenAI solution.

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Designed for Life Sciences

Accelerate enterprise content creation with Ryght by harnessing GenAI and your secure data. Empower knowledge workers to develop personalized, secure copilots, specifically tuned for their tasks, streamlining efficiency and precision.

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Securely Architected

The Ryght platform offers a secure, compliant solution equipped with multi-language models for cutting-edge analytics. We handle the backend complexities, enabling you to develop top-tier AI with confidence. Rest assured, it's designed with biopharma intelligence and maintained to be consistently secure and current.


Optimized for Enterprise Performance

Ryght streamlines performance monitoring and reporting, ensuring your AI operates swiftly, accurately, and cost-effectively. Effortlessly switch models behind the scenes to adjust priorities in moments, keeping your operations agile and responsive.

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Search thousands of new open source LLMs for your use case, budget, and performance needs

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Pre-process, format, prompt engineering and fine tune (when needed) around your data

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Integrate your own custom GenAI flows & copilots into your environment using our API endpoints

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Access daily reporting of LLM performance to help you gauge accuracy and cost over time

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Accelerate with APIs

Boasting over 50 APIs and continuously expanding, Ryght equips you with the tools needed to construct superior copilots or navigate vast seas of unstructured data with unprecedented ease. Additionally, software and data companies have the opportunity to integrate Ryght into their commercial products as a white-label solution, enhancing their offerings with our advanced capabilities.



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Case Study: Data Transformation


The client had a data warehouse comprised of billions of medical test results in a semi-structured format. High-value genomics test records are stored in text fields without annotation. Extracting insight from these data is currently manual and the business struggles to break-even as a result.


Leveraging Ryght’s orchestration capabilities, a custom extraction pipeline was created to identify genes included in each test, highlight variants, list findings in a table, and surface medical literature based on the clinically relevant variants identified.

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