Generative AI that understands life science

Life science professionals use Ryght to create documents faster, surface the latest research, grow revenue, and get drugs to market faster.

The problem

Data overload

The biopharma sector is amassing a wealth of data from diverse sources (Lab, EMR, Genomics, Claims, Pharmacy) but analytics of that data is essentially archaic, requiring large teams for everything from simple queries to developing actual ML models.

Knowledge scarcity

What’s more, there is huge demand for actionable knowledge to drive drug development, clinical trials, and commercial activity. This demand is being accelerated by the rapid growth of precision medicine, such as genomic profiling, biomarker analysis, targeted therapies, and pharmacogenomics.


Draft your next trial protocol in half the time

Leverage your prior work and your company’s document templates to speed through your next draft.  Ryght understands your document structure and can help you hit the perfect tone in less time.


Summarize the latest biomedical research

Need to quickly get up to speed on advances in published scientific research? Ryght includes pre-configured collections on key disease areas and also lets you upload and ask questions from any PDF.  Drill into specific data with links to source material provided with each answer.


Automate reporting so you can spend more time on the work that matters

Build analysis workflows using natural language prompts and set them to run automatically.  Get answers where and when you need them.

Confident Speaker

Build next-generation apps with GenAI-as-a-service

Connect Ryght’s API-driven platform to your data to integrate our generative AI technology for your users.


Our platform



GenAI-based Architecture

Access the latest in generative AI technology via a platform built with your security in mind.



Inception Training Set

Leverage our life science domain expertise with learnings from a dataset representing more than 200M patient lives.



Real Time Data Processing

Ask questions of your own data with easy upload features and database connections.

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