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Customer Support

General Support

Ryght is an enterprise-grade generative AI platform built for life science professionals.  Ryght leverages best-in-class foundation models, prompt engineering techniques, and enterprise data sources to make actionable knowledge directly available to biopharma discovery, clinical, and commercial teams.

Ryght is designed for professionals in the life science and healthcare industries.  Ryght’s background knowledge is rooted in the language of scientific research and medical records.  Biopharma companies, CROs, and healthtech companies all turn to Ryght to enable generative AI solutions for their employees and their customers across the drug development value chain.

Ryght leverages the latest biomedical-focused language models to reduce hallucinations and improve accuracy in responses. Ryght also uses retrieval-augmented generation and large-context models to provide detailed and referenceable responses in conversation with users.


Ryght is available for companies of all sizes.  Pricing for our multi-tenant SaaS product is based on the number of users and data connections required.  Dedicated tenant managed service implementations are also available - contact our sales team for additional information.  Users interested in exploring the functionality of Ryght can also access a free Preview version of Ryght by requesting access at https://preview.ryght.ai.  

Ryght Enterprise users gain access to additional features and copilot applications not available in the Preview version.  Ryght Enterprise is designed for deployment to users in your company at scale when you need to take advantage of multiple data connections and support specific user workflows.

Copilots are applications that accelerate your ability to accomplish a specific task.  Copilots may make use of specific data sets, document collections, prompt strategies, foundation models, or domain-specific external APIs.  


First ensure you're signing in at the right address.  Users of Ryght's free Preview edition should visit https://preview.ryght.ai.  Enterprise users should visit https://app.ryght.ai

Forgot your password?  Request a reset on the login landing page.

Every answer includes thumbs up and thumbs down buttons where you can record your feedback. 

Custom collections are a Ryght Enterprise-only feature. If you're an Enterprise customer, reach out to our support team at support@ryght.ai for assistance.

Ryght Preview users can upload individual documents to their Library using the + icon in the conversation bar.


Current system status and historical uptime can be verified at https://status.ryght.ai

Email us at support@ryght.ai and we'll be happy to help!

FAQ - Privacy

Ryght's Privacy Policy outlines how the company collects, uses, and discloses information from users of their websites and generative artificial intelligence services. It also explains what information is collected, how it is collected, and the purposes for which it is used.

Ryght uses the collected information for various purposes. This includes providing, maintaining, and improving their services, personalizing the user experience, analyzing user behavior, developing new products and features, communicating with users, facilitating third-party services, marketing and advertising, generating anonymized data, and ensuring compliance with legal obligations.

Users have certain choices regarding their information. They can prevent the sharing of precise location information on their devices, unsubscribe from promotional emails, and exercise their European privacy rights. These rights include requesting access to information, updating and correcting inaccuracies, restricting or objecting to processing, anonymizing or deleting information, and data portability. Users may also block cookies, although it may affect the functionality of the services.


Ryght takes measures to delete or anonymize information when it's no longer necessary for the purposes of processing. Retention periods are determined based on various factors, and may be specific to your enterprise agreement with us. Ryght employs physical and electronic safeguards to improve the security of the information they maintain but acknowledges that no system is entirely secure.

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