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Feasibility Accelerator

Automate the feasibility questionnaire, load the site target list, and submit feasibility requests automatically to sites for a rapid response.

Cut Weeks Off Site Selection with Ryght's Feasibility Accelerator

Clinical operations at CROs and Sponsors know the frustration of traditional site selection. Building feasibility questionnaires, sending them to numerous sites, and waiting for responses can take weeks, delaying trial timelines. Ryght's Feasibility Accelerator eliminates this bottleneck, accelerating the process and improving communication with potential sites.

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Ryght's Feasibility Accelerator Co-Pilot
Ryght's Co-Pilot Feasibility Assessment Automation

This innovative tool automates the entire feasibility assessment. Simply upload your protocol and past questionnaires, and Ryght's AI populates a comprehensive questionnaire, saving you hours of manual work. Edit and refine it as needed, then load your target site list. With a single click, Ryght sends customized feasibility requests to all sites simultaneously. Sites can easily access and complete the questionnaire online, streamlining their response and providing you with faster results.

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Ryght's Feasibility Accelerator cuts through the clutter, improving communication and accelerating site selection. Get your trials up and running faster – start your free demo today!

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