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Optimize Clinical Research Operations and Drive Growth

In today's competitive clinical research landscape, Sponsors and CROs face constant pressure to reduce costs, improve efficiency, streamline processes, and identify new revenue opportunities. Ryght's innovative AI technology offers a powerful solution, empowering you to achieve these goals and more to gain a significant competitive edge.

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Reduce Costs and Accelerate Trials

  • Effortless Feasibility Assessments: Ryght's Feasibility Accelerator automates questionnaire creation and streamlines communication with potential sites. This reduces manual work and accelerates appropriate site selection, saving valuable time and resources.
  • Streamlined Informed Consent Forms (ICFs): Our Informed Consent Builder Copilot helps you create compliant ICFs faster by leveraging pre-built templates and AI-powered guidance. This reduces errors and ensures adherence to regulations across multiple countries, minimizing delays and rework costs.
Ryght Co-Pilots Reduce Costs and Accelerate Trials
Ryght AI Streamlined Communication
  • Protocol Chat: With hundreds of studies, staying up to date with specific details in each study can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Ryght's Protocol Chat uses AI to summarize key details, making them instantly accessible through a chat interface. Simply ask questions in plain language and get immediate answers, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of each study.
  • Regulatory Chat: Significant regulatory guidelines vary by country and goal, but this information must be readily available to drive strategic decisions for sponsors whose studies have regulatory goals. This copilot makes all regulatory guidelines and information available to you segmented by country/region. Simply ask your question in plain language, and you get the answers in seconds.
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Drive Revenue

  • Faster Trial Initiation: By accelerating site selection and streamlining communication, Ryght helps you get trials up and running faster. This translates to quicker time to market and the potential for earlier revenue generation.
  • Empowered research sites with a clearer understanding of protocols (via Protocol Chat) can contribute more effectively to studies. This leads to higher quality data and potentially faster trial completion, impacting your bottom line.
Ryght Co-Pilot Drive New Revenue Streams
Ryght's Efficient AI Co-Pilots
  • Strategic Decision-Making: Ryght's Study Discovery Copilot provides invaluable insights into the competitive landscape. By analyzing the literature, competitor trials, and available financial data, you can make informed decisions about new therapeutic areas and identify promising partnerships, driving future revenue streams.

Ryght's AI copilots are more than just cost-saving tools. They are a strategic investment that empowers Sponsors and CROs to operate more efficiently, collaborate effectively with sites, and unlock new revenue opportunities.

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