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The Future of Clinical Trials:  An In-depth Discussion with Dr. Chadi Nabhan

Ryght's LinkedIn Live session uncovers the forefront of industry trends on the transformative potential of generative AI and its profound impact on shaping tomorrow's medical landscape.


Simon Arkell, Ryght's Co-Founder & CEO, is joined by Chadi Nabhan, MD, MBA, Ryght's new Chief Medical Officer and Head of Strategy. With over two decades of leadership and research experience in oncology, Dr. Nabhan has been at the forefront of clinical trial advancements and healthcare strategy. His tenure includes significant roles such as SVP and Chairman of the Precision Oncology Alliance at Caris Life Sciences, where he led the expansion of a major research network, EVP and CMO of Aptitude Health, and VP/CMO at Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions. 

In addition to his impressive academic roles, including Associate Professor of Medicine and Medical Director at the University of Chicago's Clinical Cancer Center, Dr. Nabhan has a profound insight into the future of medical oncology. During this session Simon and Dr. Nabhan discuss how generative AI is reshaping the clinical trial network and landscape and its promise to streamline research methodologies and improve patient outcomes.

About Ryght

Ryght is a privately held healthcare technology company based in Anaheim, California that is developing the next generation of safe and secure generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) solutions for the biopharma industry. The Ryght platform leverages and optimizes multiple large language models (LLMs) and vector databases to ingest real-time data streams and make actionable knowledge directly available to biopharma discovery, clinical, and commercial teams. The platform enables healthcare professionals to rapidly leverage the power of GenAI within compliance of data security standards required by the industry.

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