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Biomedical Literature

Ryght helps research scientists stay up to date on the latest research in areas like cardiovascular disease. Using preconfigured system collections, users can easily ask about recent publications. For example, selecting the cardiovascular disease collection allows users to inquire about specific topics like the involvement of PCSK9 in hypercholesterolemia. Ryght provides concise summaries of top publications relevant to the question, along with sources for further reading. Users can drill down into specific articles, ask more detailed questions, and access PDFs for in-depth review.

About Ryght

Ryght is a privately held healthcare technology company based in Anaheim, California that is developing the next generation of safe and secure generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) solutions for the biopharma industry. The Ryght platform leverages and optimizes multiple large language models (LLMs) and vector databases to ingest real-time data streams and make actionable knowledge directly available to biopharma discovery, clinical, and commercial teams. The platform enables healthcare professionals to rapidly leverage the power of GenAI within compliance of data security standards required by the industry.

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