For Life Science Professionals

Regardless of your role—be it a researcher decoding genome sequences, a clinical operations manager overseeing trials, an analyst identifying commercial prospects, or a business development rockstar at a CRO—Ryght is your secret weapon engineered to enhance your accuracy and efficiency.

We get your data, dance through your workflows, and dodge those pesky constraints. Trust our copilots to liberate your schedule, allowing you to concentrate on what truly matters.

Write It Ryght

Streamline the creation of your next trial protocol, RFP, proposal, or any vital FDA-mandated document, accomplishing it in a fraction of the usual time.

Utilize your previous projects and your organization's document templates as a catalyst to expedite your drafting process. Ryght is adept at navigating your document's framework, ensuring you achieve the ideal tone effortlessly.

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Find It Fast

Ryght delivers powerful capabilities to process, summarize, and translate biomedical texts, offering evidence-based insights with unparalleled relevance and precision.

Whether you're aiming to swiftly grasp the latest advancements in scientific research, distill vast unstructured datasets, or delve into industry specifics through public resources like PubMed and, Ryght is your ideal solution. Equip yourself with Ryght to navigate the complexities of biomedical information with ease and accuracy.


Can't Use ChatGPT At Work? We Got You

Ryght is the GenAI platform with a twist, crafted exclusively for the wizards of Life Sciences. Here’s the scoop - unlike ChatGPT, Ryght plays it cool and keeps your secrets safe. No oversharing here! Plus, it's got the industry smarts, cutting down on those awkward ‘hallucinations’ and serving up clear lineage and attribution straight from the source docs. So, you can trust that the insights you get are spot-on, accurate, and, dare we say... absolutely Ryght. can even ask Ryght what you should make for dinner.
(Disclaimer: Our family recipes are "eat at your own risk")

ChatGPT vs. Ryght

We asked both: "What are CPT and LOINC codes associated with a Urine Creatine Disorders Panel?"

Need we say more?

Chat GPT vs Ryght Left Chat GPT vs Ryght Right
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Copilots Designed for You

Our copilots are custom-designed for your needs. We're that crutch when you need answers fast.

A few examples:


Medical Coding Research

The Medical Coding Research copilot is a research tool that sources information from Athena – OHDSI Vocabularies Repositories. Current vocabularies include LOINC, ICD10, ICD9, RxNorm, and SnoMed.

Lab Catalog Reference

The Lab Catalog copilot is a research tool that sources test directories from 3 major providers. You can find information on test procedures, guidelines, methodologies, indications, and more.

Genomic Variant Research

The Genomic Variant copilot is a research tool that sources information from LitVar. You can find information on genes, variants, mutations, and more.


Cool Collections

Ryght includes pre-configured Collections on key disease areas and also lets you upload and ask questions from any PDF. Drill into specific data, and we'll include links to the original source material with each answer.  


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